About Us



KIVIPharm has a CDMO platform for water injection and oral solid dosage. Our company canprovide "one-stop" services including drug development, pilot scale-up, process validation, and commercial production.


Our strengths



SVP plant has a patented full aseptic filling system


SVP plant can produce SVPs of tiny content


Oral solid plant can produce high value-added oral solids


APIs plant can produce APIs within 20kg





Our SVP Plant has 40 years of operational excellence. SVP products present in more than 50 countries. The SVP Plant has three terminal sterilizing lines and one non-terminal sterilizing line. The strength of the volume of our products ranging from 1ml to 20ml.  The workshop production line adopts the most advanced Truking Automatic Inspection linkage line in China. RO2+EDI is used for an injection water system which capacity is 8 tons per hour. Patented full aseptic filling system which can effectively ensure aseptic and stable production of the preparation.

在线清洗灭菌功能 (C/SIP)

Online cleaning and sterilization function


The filling pump, filling needle and connecting pipes can be cleaned on-line without disassembly. The system can control automatic and it also can control the vestigital of microorganism and insoluble particle effectively


Plunger Diaphragm Pump


The switch of the pump can control the flow of the liquid accurately. so, the stability and precision of the filling volume can be well controlled


PTFE Connecting Pipes


The physical and chemical stability of the material of the pipes is good. There is no compatible reaction with the medium which were certificated by FDA. It can effectively avoid the influence of pipe dissolution on the preparation.


In brief, we can guarantee both full aseptic production and accurate preparation to the microgram level



Camfield—OSD Plant



The new OSD workshop includes the first and second phase production lines. The first phase line is for pilot scale-up products or expensive & small size products, which can achieve multi-functions such as wet & dry granulation, drying, mini-pills (for future use), blending, tablets compression (mini-tablets included), coating, capsules filling, granules (for future use), primary & secondary packaging (bottling/Al-Plastic/Al-Al) etc.. the annual production capacity is 300 million tablets/capsules.


Camfield—API Plant



API Plant has three product line located respectively on first, second, and third line. The first and second line were established according to EU and FDA requirements. The third line can accomplish the synthesis of ordinary chemical intermediates. Our API Plant can produce APIs within A few grams to twenty kilos.




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